Beltz (reconnect)

Engaged in reconnecting with my past, I am using a language that rescues previously abandoned organic and gestural black mark-making. Nervous pencil lines, thick acrylic paint, dirt and charcoal enable me to offer traces of intimate moments of time and space whilst still refuse representation by escaping visual description and verbal fixation.

With pieces that are aesthetically self-sufficient and true to my logic and visual language, my work presents incompleteness. These are pieces open to multiple interpretations where only each viewer can fill the gap between themselves and my work.



Visually forgotten, physically undefinable, imprecise and unclear in memory, topographically misunderstood, out of focus, consciously unexperienced, inhabited and unrecorded, my work seems to minimally delineate, map and depict spaces and experiential moments that share a non specific quality, and yet look strangely familiar: non-places and non-experiences of our everyday existence.